AM Sports Academy

AMSA branding, Creating a destination for tomorrow's elite sports-persons

Enjoying sport. Realising possibility.

Former Wimbledon and Republic of Ireland player Adam Moriaty has a passion for inspiring young people to take up sport, for developing their skills and helping them achieve their goals.

Evolving from a football school, AM Sports Academy has become a central part of many children’s lives – and the springboard to sporting success.

With its mix of Saturday classes, summer schools and in-school services, it reaches more than 5,000 children every year. Always changing and constantly evolving with the times, the one thing that has remained is the brand.

Developed by gt&i, today this is more than a corporate identity, it is an instantly recognisable identity worn with pride by students. It is innately associated with sporting success and has spawned its own lifestyle range.

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AM Sports Academy